Breathe Easy: Change Your Air Filters

If you own an automobile it is important to keep up routine maintenance to ensure you keep it running at optimum performance. A simple way to help improve the performance of your automobile is by changing your cabin and engine air filters. Below is an explanation of what each filter does and why it is important to change them:

  • Cabin Air Filter- The cabin air filter is attached to your vehicles ventilation system and filters air coming into the cabin of your car. This filter is commonly referred to as an air conditioning filter and helps remove allergens and contaminants that might otherwise enter the cabin of your vehicle. If you suffer from allergies or simply want fresher air inside your vehicle it is important to change this filter.
  • Engine Air Filter- The engine air filter is responsible for keeping pollutants from coming into your vehicles engine. The cleaner your engine is the better your vehicle will perform and the longer it will last. By routinely changing this filter you will not only prolong the life of your engine, but you will also increase your gas mileage.

At Audi Bellingham we want to make sure all drivers are properly maintaining their vehicles so come down to any of our location in Bellingham and have an expert check out your cabin and engine air filters.

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