What are Some Applications for Leaf Spring Suspensions?

Oftentimes, large and heavy vehicles have special suspension-system needs. One system that has features tailor-made for many larger vehicles is the leaf spring suspension system.

Leaf spring designs vary from maker to maker, but most designs involve long, flat, flexible pieces of metal stacked upon each other and held together at the ends by special clamps. The size, weight, and mass of the combined metal leaves allows leaf spring suspensions to easily handle loads that would defeat other suspension styles.

At our Bellingham facility, we inspect, repair, and replace parts from leaf spring and many other suspension-system styles. Since your suspension is responsible for maintaining control and isolating potentially damaging vibrations, it is important to have it regularly inspected by qualified professional technicians. By doing so, you can head off any potential issues and maximize your existing configuration. Contact us today or swing by our Audi Bellingham location for a quick consultation.

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