Getting Started: Is It Time to Service Your Ignition?

Though there are countless important parts to your vehicle, your ignition is truly the piece that gets things running - literally. Though it is very common to assume that when your vehicle will not start it is because of a dead battery, it can often be due to a faulty or broken ignition.

So then, how can you tell that your ignition is failing? The exact signs will vary from case to case, but you may experience a loud grinding noise, or oil soak from the engine. In more serious cases, you may even see smoke and experience a burning smell. If you do see smoke, it is always advisable to turn off the vehicle and call a tow company.

If you believe that your ignition is failing, stop by our service center at Audi Bellingham in Bellingham, WA today. We are ready to service this and any other aspect of your vehicle.

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