An Explanation of Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

Keeping the right type of motor oil in your engine is imperative for its performance and lifespan. At Audi Bellingham in Bellingham, WA, our team has a goal to help keep our customers informed about their vehicles, which is why we have explained motor oil viscosity ratings below.

The viscosity rating measures how much resistance the oil has to flow. When you look at a bottle of motor oil, you will see a number followed by a W. The number represent the motor oil's viscosity at colder temperatures, and the number lets you know the motor oil's viscosity at hotter temperatures. In hotter weather, a motor oil with a high viscosity will work more efficiently than a motor oil with a lower viscosity.

Our service technicians can make certain that the right type of engine oil is used in your vehicle. Stop by our service center the next time that your motor oil needs to be changed.



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