Signs Your Brakes Need Servicing

Arguably one of the most important components in your car, your brakes are integral to safe functioning, and any reduction in their capacity needs to be addressed immediately.

Brake fluid is one of the main components of your braking system. Over time, the tubes through which it travels can take on air bubbles or the fluid itself can become contaminated, reducing its efficacy. Flushing the lines and replacing with fresh fluid can usually solve the problem. The physical mechanisms that actually stop the wheels from spinning are your brake pads. These become worn over time, causing a squeaking noise as you brake due to dust slowly building up around the pads. Inspecting your brakes when you have your tires rotated can alert a mechanic to when they will need replacing.

If you notice your brakes becoming less responsive or any other sign of malfunction, bring your vehicle by Audi Bellingham in Bellingham, WA. Our mechanics can diagnose the problem and resolve it, getting you back on the road again quickly.

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