4H And 4L Four Wheel Drive Truths

When it comes to four-wheel drive, there are two levels that four-wheel drive vehicles carry, which are 4H and 4L. Both of these are important and will be used in different situations.

When it comes to 4H, this will be used for wet grounds and for roads that seem loose or contain loose gravel pieces. The great thing about 4H is that you can travel and fast speeds and still have good traction control and a great grip on the ground.

When it comes to 4L, this is where you will be traveling slow. 4L will always be used for more serious situations such as blizzards, traveling through deep water, and more. 4L helps the vehicle have a firm grip on the ground. It also allows drivers to break at a moment’s notice, which is great for drivers who easily panic in bad weather situations.

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