How do I contact Audi Roadside Assistance?

  1. Gather your VIN number and current vehicle mileage.
  2. Call 1.800.411.9988 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. If your vehicle is not covered under a factory or certified warranty call Johnson's Towing at 360.733.4232 or select a carrier of your choice.


I've lost the keys to my Audi. How do I get a new key?

  1. Look everywhere possible for your lost key. Is it possible you have a valet key around? Does a family member have a spare?
  2. Gather proof of ownership for the vehicle i.e. title, registration.
  3. Call our parts department at 877.579.8649 with your VIN number.
  4. We will advise you of your replacement key options and or submit a request for your key code*. The key code may take up to 24 hours excluding holidays and weekends.
  5. Upon receipt of the key code we are ready to cut your keys. The vehicle owner, proof of ownership and payment will be necessary at this time. The actual cutting process takes about 20 minutes. *Note: most vehicles have keys that must come directly from Audi. The receipt of theses keys takes 72-96 hours excluding holidays and weekends. Prepayment is required at the time of order.
  6. If your vehicle is model year 1998 or newer it may be equipped with an electronic immobilizer. In this case your new key or keys may need to be programmed. Your vehicle must be present for this process. This process takes about 40 minutes and runs $75.00. The service charge covers the programming of one or more keys, plus entry remotes (if applicable) on the same service visit.


I've lost the wheel lock key to my Audi. How do I get a new key?

  1. The wheel lock key is normally stored in the trunk of the vehicle near the jack and tools. Sometimes it is contained in a small, Black, "felt type" bag. Other times owners store it in the glove box or center console box.
  2. The i.d. or code for the wheel lock key is not assigned, or stored, by your VIN number. If the key is lost, you must get the vehicle to the nearest dealer who has a "master set" of keys. Using the master set we can find the proper replacement key for your wheel lock.
  3. What does this cost? This process takes about 20 minutes and runs $33.00. If you don't want the wheel locks put back on, our service department can install regular lug bolts instead. Lug bolts are vehicle specific and are sold at an additional parts and labor charge.


My radio displays "SAFE" and needs a code. How do I get a code?

  1. The radio code is found in the "radio manual" for your vehicle. It is four digits in length. The manual also will tell you what buttons are necessary to enter this code.
  2. If you do not have the "radio manual" your radio must be removed to retrieve the serial number stamped into the side of it. From this number we can get the code, enter it and get your radio working again. This process takes about a half hour and runs $64.00. Note: some vehicles require the radio be powered up for 1 hour before the code can be input. This could increase the time your vehicle will need to be present.


How do I get touch up paint for my Audi?

  1. Find your paint code on the vehicle data label. It is normally located on a 3" x 5" decal in the spare tire area. This label may also be found on the inside front cover of your owner's manual. The paint code begins with an "L" and will look like L90E.
  2. Call our parts department at 877.579.8649 with your VIN number.
  3. Upon receipt of paint code we can check available stock. If you can't find your code we can look it up for you. However, if your vehicle is 1998 or older this is not always possible. You will need to find the data label.
  4. We keep the fast moving colors on the shelf. If we don't have your color on hand it will be necessary to order it from the Audi authorized 3rd party supplier. You will receive a tube of the base color and clear coat in "pen" form. The kit runs $16.48 plus tax.
  5. The delivery times varies, but expect to see your paint within 10-12 working days. *Note: some vehicles have paint that cannot be reproduced in touch up form. In this case you would need to check with your local body shop for repair. Prepayment is required at the time of order.

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